Benefits of Connected Field Service

Benefits of Connected Field Service

What is Connected Field Service? Connected Field Service and IoT is a rapidly evolving and emerging field revolutionizing how service and asset-centric businesses operate. Connected field service bridges the gap between your machine data and how it is operationalized to a service cloud application. By bridging this gap (figure 1), service organizations can gain valuable […]

4 Tips to Win Salesforce Demo Jam

By Frank VanLoon Every quarter, Salesforce hosts Demo Jam: an exciting live-demo, popular-vote competition between Apps in their AppExchange. Bolt Data had the opportunity to compete in the June 2022 Demo Jam, to show our field service and IoT App, Bolt Data Connect. We were up against some stiff competition, but I’m really proud to […]

3 IoT Implementation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices that are connected to the internet and can collect, share, and act on data. IoT has the potential to transform businesses and revolutionize industries, but unfortunately, there are many challenges associated with IoT implementation that oftentimes lead to failure.  But, why? Common IoT Challenges IoT requires […]

How to Choose a Salesforce Implementation Partner for Your Company

What is a Salesforce Implementation Partner? A Salesforce implementation partner has an expert understanding of Salesforce and can help you with the implementation of a Salesforce system. Salesforce implementation is the process of understanding company goals and pain points, developing a strategic solution and deploying the Salesforce platform within an organization. In addition to implementation, […]

What is Asset Centricity?

With the Internet of Things (loT) in full swing, it’s estimated that more than 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints will soon exist for potentially billions of connected “things.” But what does this connectivity really mean for field service? After all just because devices are digital and linked to the internet doesn’t mean they’re always […]

IoT Data and Uber: What’s the Connection?

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to see your $20 Uber’s location in real-time but you can’t see the IoT data of high-valued assets such as MRI machines, industrial CNC machines, power generators, and countless other pieces of sophisticated equipment? You know, the ones that cost thousands of dollars an hour? You’ve dotted every […]

Answering Your Questions About Service Cloud Voice

Thanks again to everyone who was able to join us last week for Cut the Cord, our Service Cloud Voice (SCV) panel discussion. Service Cloud Voice is the contact center product from Salesforce, with fully integrated telephony powered by Amazon Connect (and a host of AWS tools). We had many great questions come in after […]

8 Steps to Hiring the Right Consultant

Determining that you need a consultant tends to be an “a-ha!” moment. When you’re faced with a problem that you simply don’t have the resources to solve, it’s something new you’re diving into or you want an external unbiased opinion, a consultant seems like the logical answer. The problem then becomes, “Who do we hire?” […]