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Reshaping healthcare for care

Healthcare is a complex industry where service providers and healthcare equipment manufacturers all strive to enhance patient outcomes. Despite this mission, patient-centered care poses challenges including regulatory compliance, critical medical device uptime and managing extensive patient data, to name a few. To overcome these challenges, healthcare service providers and equipment manufacturers turn to CRM platforms. These platforms make patient-centered care management possible by ensuring equipment is properly maintained, medical devices are reliable, patient records are accurate and accessible and patients receive the best care experience possible. Successfully navigating this shift requires strategic partnerships with experts well-versed in healthcare complexities. Bolt Data has helped numerous healthcare companies implement seamless CRM solutions to achieve patient-centered care.

Our Solutions for


Patient and Customer Relationship Management

Centralize patient and customer data for a comprehensive, accurate view of each individual with purpose-built platforms including Salesforce Health Cloud.


Mobile Accessibility for Healthcare Providers

Enable on-the-go access to real-time patient data for nurses, doctors and technicians from anywhere and from any mobile device.


Communication and Collaboration Tools

Collaborate across departments with tools like Slack or directly with patients using Salesforce Health Cloud to automatically update records and share information.


Integration with Electronic Health Record Systems

Synchronize patient health records within a CRM through seamless integrations with EHR systems, accounting, payroll and other external systems.


Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

Ensure adherence to regulatory compliance using Salesforce Health Cloud, coupled with Tableau for advanced analytics, backed by data security measures.


Equipment and Medical Device Monitoring

Monitor medical devices and patient wearables in real-time in Salesforce and automate alerts based on custom performance thresholds. 

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