Expectations of the Modern IoT Stack


Keeping Up with the Ever-Evolving Technology Stack

Publication Expectations of the Modern IoT Stack

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology has brought about new and innovative approaches to connect assets, consume and process machine data, and take action. The pace of change is good and welcomed yet the challenge remains, how do we keep up? As the adoption of IoT expands with billions of smart, connected “things,” we need to think ahead with regard to the technology and architectures used to enable the IoT today and in the near future.  

Depending on where you look, the IoT is viewed and defined in a multitude of ways. While context varies from industry to industry and device to device, the systems that provide and enable the IoT in order to consume the data and make it useful continue to be a challenge.  

While there are numerous architectures and applications to consider, finding the balance of flexibility, capability, and cost remains a difficult task with a number of confusing pros and cons that strain decision-making.   

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