Bolt Data Connect Use Cases

Bolt Data Connect Use Cases

Bolt Data Connect offers interconnected field service and business solutions, designed to improve service delivery and enhance operational efficiency for service organizations.

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Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring

Remote diagnostics and monitoring is a critical tool that enables technicians to remotely access and diagnose issues with assets in the field. Technicians can access, triage and diagnose equipment in remote locations without any physical travel.

This also minimizes disruption to customers and ensures that repairs are completed quickly and efficiently.

  • Improved mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Reduced truck rolls

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Usage-Based Maintenance 

Tracking an asset's usage and condition enables precise maintenance when necessary. Usage-based maintenance has several benefits, such as accounting for demand cycles during seasonal or peak operations, providing maintenance when it's needed the most, and helping field service teams better understand the urgency and criticality of maintenance demands based on real-time usage data. Bolt Data Connect offers an actual performance view of assets, allowing teams to schedule appropriate maintenance with minimal customer impact.

Bolt Data Connect's Admin console makes it easy to define roles and service plans and includes the appropriate threshold to raise work orders and schedule maintenance.

  • Reduced service costs
  • Improved asset uptime and utilization
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Automated Service Response

Bolt Data Connect offers remote monitoring services for field-based assets, utilizing real-time data analysis to detect anomalies and automate accurate service responses. By assessing fault codes, evaluating difficult-to-detect failures, and automatically alerting service teams to anomalies, Bolt Data Connect increases asset utilization while identifying and monitoring machines with the most issues. This enables better assessments for larger repairs, swapping out assets, or considering newer models that can meet the demands, and ensures peak performance for closely monitored machines.

  • Improved asset performance
  • Increased asset efficiency

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Customer Experience

Companies that prioritize delivering a positive customer experience have a higher chance of achieving rapid revenue growth compared to those that do not focus on it. By utilizing Bolt Data Connect, companies can position themselves to reap these benefits as it can enhance call center support, improve asset uptime and service response times, meet or exceed customer SLA terms, and address issues faster to prevent them from compounding.

By promptly resolving issues before they escalate, companies can avoid on-site visits by field engineers, and when they are necessary, the customer will be aware and equipped with all the necessary information, parts, and details, facilitating a speedy resolution of the issue.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased revenue
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Top 10 Use Cases for Connected Field Service

Did you know companies that adopt a connected field service solution, like Bolt Data Connect, experience a 75% reduction in asset failures? But, when assets do fail, the downtime is reduced by 45%. That’s just a small sample of the benefits that leveraging connected field service can provide a company. Read our white paper for more.


Estimate Your Service Cost Savings

Discover the untapped potential for cost savings in your service delivery operations with Bolt Data Connect. Our connected field service solution empowers you to reduce truck rolls, troubleshoot assets remotely, and boost your first time fix rates. Don't just take our word for it – try our handy calculator to see just how much your organization could save by making the switch. Let us help you unlock new efficiencies and drive bottom-line results.

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