Future-proof CRM solutions for communication service providers of world-class connectivity.


Keeping customers 24/7

Communication companies are always expanding networks and coverage while maintaining existing infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for customers. Everyone relies on these services for daily living and work activities, and any disruption can impact crucial tasks.

Given their critical role, a robust CRM system for communication companies is crucial for service providers such as internet service providers (ISPs), cable, satellite, and fiber. The CRM should have reliable uptime, scalable infrastructure and customization options. Recognizing the intricate requirements of the telecommunications industry, Bolt Data specializes in crafting tailored solutions to address the unique needs of each facet of their communication business.

Our Solutions for


B2C and B2B Sales Management

Manage residential and commercial customers with enhanced sales team management, intelligent sales insights and opportunity management on Salesforce.


Unified Product Catalogs and Order Management

Streamline product lifecycle management with Salesforce Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) to enhance sales agility and accelerate time-to-market.


Enhanced Digital Experiences

Transform customer journeys with personalized content based on usage and identify at-risk customers to improve customer retention and satisfaction.


Process and Service Automation

Tailored CRM workflows and automated processes for Salesforce and ServiceMax products to boost productivity, reduce costs and achieve operational excellence. 


Predictive Analytics and Automated Reporting

Leverage data to make informed business decisions with advanced analytics and reporting tools such as Tableau and purpose-built dashboards in Salesforce.


Real-time Asset Monitoring

Monitor sensorized equipment in real-time in Salesforce and enable automated service response if an asset issue is identified. Learn more about Bolt Data Connect.

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