Dreamforce 2023: Trailblazer Insights and Highlights

Dreamforce 2023 was unlike any other. This year, the spotlight was on the most revolutionary technology: AI.  Our Bolt Data team attended Dreamforce keynotes and sessions to learn more about Salesforce’s AI-driven roadmap, connect with our fellow Trailblazers and learn from leaders in AI advancements including Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. Bolt Data Team: Jay […]

How Change Management Leads to Successful Salesforce Adoption

Change is inevitable. It’s how your organization manages change that will impact future organizational growth. In our recent webinar, panelists from Bolt Data, Salesforce and BusPatrol shared change management strategies to tackle the most impactful change for organizations: business system change. Handling business system changes, like adopting Salesforce products, requires an effective change management strategy. […]

Dreamforce 2023 Survival Guide

As a Salesforce partner, Bolt Data never misses the opportunity to attend Dreamforce. Each year, Salesforce continues to enhance the event, packing it with a variety of breakout sessions, keynotes, workshops and lodges, all designed to unite over 40,000 Trailblazers for an action-packed, three-day event. While guaranteed to be a fantastic experience, the abundance of […]

9 Signs That a Business Needs a Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Managing a Salesforce environment requires dedicated resources with a deep understanding of the platform, its functionality and how to effectively maintain it. As many businesses rely on Salesforce to streamline their operations, from sales to service teams, it’s crucial for Salesforce to not only function properly but also scale with the business and adequately support […]

Data-Driven Outcomes of Bolt Data Connect

Do you want to know the most powerful strategic asset in your organization right now? For companies across industries, it’s asset data.  If your organization has connected assets, their data speaks volumes, and it’s important to listen in order to drive impactful business outcomes.  Bolt Data Connect offers state-of-the-art data-driven outcomes that meet the needs […]

Empower Field Engineers with On-the-Go Asset Data Access

Field engineers are the unsung heroes who ensure critical assets continue to function when they’re needed most, ranging from generators to medical devices. We often overlook the army of highly-skilled engineers who work tirelessly to make sure these assets are available. One minute, they may be behind a desk, and the next, they’re performing on-site […]

How IoT Platforms Are Changing the Future of Field Service

  It’s no secret that the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the field service industry. In fact, asset tracking and monitoring was one of the largest IoT segments in 2022, seeing a whopping $17.2 billion in revenue. IoT platforms have made it possible to connect devices and equipment on a large […]

Asking ChatGPT About Connected Field Service

  With so much chatter about ChatGPT and AI driven content lately, it would be remiss for us not to jump into the conversation. After all, Bill Gates has declared it the “most important” innovation of our time. As a Salesforce partner, we’re excited to see advancements to Salesforce’s product line with Einstein GPT, the […]

Bolt Data Connect Use Case Video

Watch How Bolt Data Connect Can Transform Service Organizations on Salesforce In the Bolt Data Connect Use Case Video, you’ll learn how a technician managed to streamline their work process and save their company money, Ben, a technician for a global air conditioning company, was overwhelmed by the amount of work orders, invoices, and spreadsheets […]