Future-proof CRM solutions for enhancing the production, distribution, and servicing of motor vehicles


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The automotive industry is undergoing significant transformations, driven by advancements in electric vehicles, autonomous driving and technology. CRMs play a crucial role in helping businesses, from OEMs to aftermarket retailers, adapt to these changes. Bolt Data, with over a decade of experience, is a trusted partner for automotive businesses seeking tailored CRM solutions. We specialize in end-to-end consulting, seamless system integration and cutting-edge software development to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Our Solutions for


Lead and Customer Management

Track and nurture leads and manage customer relationships with purpose-built Salesforce solutions including Automotive Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.


Vehicle Service Management

Optimize service operations for enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency from scheduling service apointments to managing part recalls. 


EV Charger Station Service Management

Monitor EV chargers in real-time and automate service responses if an EV charger needs service. Learn more about Bolt Data Connect for EVSEs.


External System Integrations

Connect and streamline all business systems to Salesforce including ERP, logistics, accounting, finance, analytics and marketing systems for data accuracy.


Real-time Equipment and Vehicle Monitoring

From vehicles to industrial robots and parking gates, monitor virtually any asset in Salesforce in real-time. Learn more about Bolt Data Connect's capabilities.


Customer Engagement and Self-Service

Connect with leads through marketing campaigns and keep customers engaged with powerful marketing tools including email, SMS, self-service chatbots and more.

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