Connecting Systems with Accurate, Clean Data

Detangle your data and your systems

Salesforce integrations are critical for businesses to properly sync business applications and data sources to eliminate manual data entry and administrative tasks. By eliminating data silos, we help businesses gain a clear picture of their business data, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide better customer experiences.

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Data mapping and migration done with and without interruptions

Data accuracy is critical to ensure smooth business operations. We go beyond simple data mapping to ensure that data accuracy and security are maintained throughout the integration process, eliminating any potential disruptions to your business. Our integration strategy is highly flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of integration types, including point-to-point, middleware and API-based integrations. This approach enables us to meet your business's specific integration needs while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and security.

Enable a Network of Data Systems


Enterprise Resource Planning Integrations

By integrating Salesforce with ERP systems, businesses can streamline various aspects of a business such as inventory, manufacturing and finance. 


Accounting Software Integrations

Automate financial processes, reduce errors and gain real-time visibility into financial data by connecting Salesforce to accounting software.


Sales and Marketing Software Integrations

Improve lead generation, customer engagement efforts and engagement insights by connecting Salesforce with marketing and sales tools. 

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Document and Data Software Integrations

Centralize data from spreadsheets or databases to improve data accuracy and automate workflows related to document creation and management.


What our customers say

“Working with Bolt Data on the Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360 project has been a wonderful experience. They brought a deeply knowledgeable team that worked hard to understand our requirements and turn them into reality."

- Mark Muehlenbeck, Chief Financial Officer at Lowry Solutions

Innovative companies work with Bolt Data