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With over a decade of field service industry experience, we understand the unique needs and requirements service organizations have that aren’t covered by out-of-the-box Salesforce products. Bolt Data's Salesforce accelerators are crafted as plug-and-play options to close those product gaps and boost the effectiveness of your Salesforce environment.

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Custom development

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Bolt Data's accelerators allow service organizations to quickly and easily deploy Salesforce customizations without the need for custom development. By leveraging our pre-built solutions, service organizations can reduce the risk and cost associated with creating customizations. This can lead to faster time-to-value, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Bolt Data Accelerators are pre-built and have been tested and proven in production Salesforce orgs. Offered as part of an engagement with Bolt Data, they can be further configured to an organization's specific needs and requirements.



Enable service technicians to create quotes and obtain customer signatures on Salesforce mobile. Quotes can be configured to require manager approval and they can be emailed to customers. Integration with Work Order stages, Sales Opportunities, and ERP systems allows for a comprehensive quoting process.

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Cycle Count

Streamline counting and verification of both serialized and non-serialized parts in Salesforce. With highly configurable count policies and availability on both browsers and mobile devices, it offers a proven approach to efficiently reconcile inventory data with ERP systems for enhanced accuracy and control.

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Enhanced Inventory Management

Improve the accuracy and visibility of inventory availability with streamlined inventory data in Salesforce. Easily manage allocated stock and automatically replenish parts.


Geocoding and Time Zones

Reduce scheduling errors and improve customer satisfaction with automatically populated coordinates and time zones via Google API. Times are displayed as “Local Time Technician Arrived On-Site”.


Complex Depot Repair

Streamline the process of product returns and triage product issues in Salesforce. Workflows can be configured by product or family line, integrated entitlement, pricing and costing.


Barcode Generator

Improve efficiency with automatically generated barcodes for products in Salesforce. Eliminates manual product number entry during inventory management tasks.


Third Party Contractor

Manage partner contractors in Salesforce with community-based partner onboarding, bid management, SLA adherence, performance scoring and invoice management.


Platform Event Log

Maintain accurate and comprehensive data records of all platform events sent and received from Salesforce. Records are stored and transmitted using the JSON data format.


What our customers say

“The Bolt Data team has consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, excellent knowledge of service industry best practices, and strong Salesforce product expertise. I would recommend Bolt Data to other service organizations looking to deliver smart solutions on the Salesforce platform.”

- Jennifer Yellin, Senior Applications Specialist at BD

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