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Meeting demand with manufacturing CRM solutions

Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges, ranging from trade wars to evolving customer expectations. To navigate this rapidly changing landscape, manufacturers are actively seeking ways to adapt, with a focus on leveraging transformative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). By incorporating purpose-built solutions, manufacturers can equip their front and back office operations with the necessary tools and data to run efficient operations. Additionally, manufacturers are shifting towards new service-based revenue models rather than product-focused models to maximize profitability.

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing, Bolt Data has helped discrete and process manufacturers implement platforms like Salesforce and integrate IoT solutions such as Bolt Data Connect for complete asset life cycle management and a single source of truth.

Our Solutions for


Real-time IoT Asset Monitoring

Get instant insights into asset performance and health remotely and automate service responses within Salesforce. Learn more about Bolt Data Connect


Servitization for Manufacturing

Enable new revenue models by charging customers based on real-time asset usage with automated invoicing capable of handling complex price books.


Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Minimize downtime and reduce costs by proactively servicing assets before they fail by leveraging Bolt Data Connect and artificial intelligence (AI). 


Opportunity Management and Demand Forecasting

Align production with market demand using tools like Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and Tableau to report and visualize business performance data.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage assets from acquisition through service to retirement, enabling strategic decisions and optimizing future investments in new assets.


Connected Sales, Marketing and Service

Drive sales and improve customer experiences with a unified CRM solution that harmonizes every business function and gives a complete customer 360 view.

Learn how Bolt Data helped Bellwether Coffee meet growing demand

Discover how Bolt Data helped Bellwether Coffee, a high tech manufacturer of commercial coffee roasters, implement Salesforce to structure, streamline and measure service operations.

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