Uncertainty creates opportunity for the manufacturing industry.

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Manufacturers continue to face policy, cost and demand fluctuations. The ability to adapt is critical, and manufacturing organizations have an opportunity to improve operations, digitizing their supply chains from sourcing to service. The future of manufacturing relies not only on navigating current volatilities, but also creating a digital path forward.

Predictive maintenance, ERPs in the cloud, AI, IoT, robotics, automation; these have been hot topics in manufacturing for ages, but they’re not just pipedreams anymore. This is what the modern landscape of manufacturing looks like, and the time to adapt is now. Service in manufacturing for many years boiled down to field technicians, but with the addition of IoT, increased customer expectations, health and safety concerns and mobile operations, it expands far beyond what we traditionally know as service. Providing value is beginning to take on a whole new meaning, and proper adoption and integration of emerging tech is a necessity to remain relevant and competitive in today’s world.


Service Challenges in Manufacturing

Meeting Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integrations

Maintaining Asset and Service Uptime

Product Defects & Recalls

Inventory Management & Raw Materials Tracking

Bolt Data Solutions for Manufacturers

Asset Failure Detection

IoT-Enabled Asset Management

Service Parts Management

Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

Usage Based Preventative Maintenance

Distributor Services



Al and IoT solutions are revolutionizing the way service teams maintain equipment in the field. Bolt Data Connect provides the ability to monitor each asset for real-time performance that ensures service teams are proactive and hyper-responsive to issues. By connecting to manufacturer's loT Cloud solutions, Bolt Data augments existing remote monitoring capabilities by filtering out big-data "noise" that often results in unfiltered insights and false-positive service responses. Internally, manufacturers use Bolt Data Connect to monitor aspects of manufacturing tolerances to respond quickly to performance anomalies.

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