Better Together

Coming together to improve the lives of our team members and our local communities


the Better Together Initiative

At Bolt Data, we believe that by coming together, we can achieve incredible things. It is on this belief that a group of our employees formed a new initiative: Bolt Data Better Together. The goal of Bolt Data Better Together is to improve the lives of our employees and the communities in which we reside.

As a virtual organization with team members located all across the United States, we have found creative ways to come together for the greater good.

Bolt Data is a Proud Support of These Non-Profit Organizations


Volunteering and Fundraising for Feeding America and Feeding Tampa Bay

Bolt Data employees raised nearly $3,000 in donations  to go directly to Feeding America and Feeding Tampa Bay, helping these incredible organizations provide a complete meal for 10 people with as little as $1. In addition, Feeding Tampa Bay hosted a group of our local employees for an onsite volunteering event to distribute donations.

Bolt Data at Feeding Tampa Bay
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Celebrating the Holidays with Toys for Tots and Harvesters Community Food Network

Starting with Thanksgiving, Bolt Data donated funds to Harvesters—The Community Food Network, a certified member of Feeding America serving northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas. Additionally, we supported Toys for Tots by holding a virtual toy drive to benefit teens and children in Atlanta, Georgia.

earth day 22

Earth Day Celebration
We marked Earth Day with an eco-friendly twist, sporting shirts made from recycled materials and planting wild flower seed cards nationwide.


Back to School Supply Drive
Supporting schools in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Dover, Florida, and Lawrence, Kansas, we gathered school supplies to fulfill teacher wishlists.


Military to Civilian Career Transition Workshop
With HR Soul, our workshop for active duty military and veterans equipped them with the resources for a successful transition to civilian careers.

Stack of books on table against bookshelf at library for education, literature or wisdom concept

Literacy Enrichment Program
Bolt Data made a donation to help Literacy Lab empower students with culturally responsive instruction for academic and personal triumph.


Wellness Month: Cooking Class
In our virtual cooking class, we whipped up a healthy and hassle-free meal, emphasizing the significance of nutrition even during busy workdays.

desk yoga

Wellness Month: Desk Yoga Class
To enhance focus and alleviate tension, we held a virtual desk yoga session, sharing accessible yoga poses for everyone to practice throughout the workday.

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