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Bolt Data and Spoke AIOT Merge Announcement

Bolt Data and Spoke AIOT Merge as Newly Rebranded Bolt Data

Consolidated products and services to provide customers with an advanced suite of one-stop Salesforce solutions.   Spoke AIOT and Bolt Data have announced the two sister companies have merged, under a newly recharged Bolt Data brand. Spoke’s technology was spun out of Bolt Data in 2019 to enable the team to focus on building a […]

Answering Your Questions About Service Cloud Voice

Thanks again to everyone who was able to join us last week for Cut the Cord, our Service Cloud Voice (SCV) panel discussion. Service Cloud Voice is the contact center product from Salesforce, with fully integrated telephony powered by Amazon Connect (and a host of AWS tools). We had many great questions come in after […]

8 Steps to Hiring the Right Consultant

Determining that you need a consultant tends to be an “a-ha!” moment. When you’re faced with a problem that you simply don’t have the resources to solve, it’s something new you’re diving into or you want an external unbiased opinion, a consultant seems like the logical answer. The problem then becomes, “Who do we hire?” […]

COVID-19 Compounds Challenges for a Perimeter Security Provider

The Challenge A major perimeter security provider with over two thousand locations in the United States was burdened by the maintenance requirements of its installed assets. The company adhered to a set schedule of field technician visits to customer locations, manually checking the status of each piece of equipment. And this schedule of ‘status check’ […]

Field Service Trends to Watch in 2021

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted companies across industries into the future, accelerating their digital transformations and driving them to modernize processes at unprecedented rates. Field service has not been immune to this trend. If the shift to remote work has taught companies anything, it’s that digital infrastructure is no longer a […]

Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Highlights

What Field Service Users Want to Know With the release of Winter ’21 comes a long list of exciting features to improve organizations in across all industries, but we’re naturally, focusing on the field service industry. With COVID-19 greatly affecting companies throughout the world, the service industry has been a pivotal component for companies to […]