COVID-19 Compounds Challenges for a Perimeter Security Provider

The Challenge

A major perimeter security provider with over two thousand locations in the United States was burdened by the maintenance requirements of its installed assets. The company adhered to a set schedule of field technician visits to customer locations, manually checking the status of each piece of equipment. And this schedule of ‘status check’ visits was in addition to reactive truck rolls for unanticipated maintenance. With COVID-19 quarantines severely limiting the company’s ability to visit customer sites, these maintenance challenges were further compounded.

The Solution

Bolt Data Connect’s integration solution has enabled this customer to remotely monitor its installed base of equipment, significantly reducing the need to send technicians to customer sites. And since Bolt Data Connect is fully integrated with ServiceMax, the customer now also benefits from improved service efficiencies through automated workorder creation, scheduling, and parts ordering, among other processes.

The Results

Remote monitoring and diagnostics of all digital and analog assets automatically trigger service work orders when assets are not operating within pre-defined tolerances. The result is improved equipment uptime, which is critical to the company and its customers. Additionally, customer satisfaction has increased along with service profitability. According to the company’s Vice President of Field Service, “Equipment uptime is a must-have, and when field assets are not working properly, our customers are at risk. Bolt Data Connect has been a game changer for us, allowing us to fix or replace security assets and subcomponents before they fail. As a result, our security system uptimes have improved significantly – and that makes our customers happy.