Data-Driven Outcomes of Bolt Data Connect

Do you want to know the most powerful strategic asset in your organization right now? For companies across industries, it’s asset data. 

If your organization has connected assets, their data speaks volumes, and it’s important to listen in order to drive impactful business outcomes. 

Bolt Data Connect offers state-of-the-art data-driven outcomes that meet the needs and goals of your organization, and is seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce platform.

Learn more today about the impactful outcomes you can achieve with Bolt Data Connect.

Improved Service Profitability

At Bolt Data, we’re passionate about providing IoT asset data in real-time, allowing service operations teams to improve asset reliability, reduce service delivery costs, and enable new revenue streams. Does this sound too good to be true? 

With Bolt Data Connect offering a streamlined, automatic solution to increase your service profitability, the possibilities are endless.

Our software consistently monitors connected assets to detect any potential faults or failures. In the case that there is a fault within an asset and it goes offline, remote access to asset data allows for timely, reliable service. This means that issues can be fixed without the need to send a technician to diagnose and repair the asset, reducing truck rolls and associated costs. In fact, with Bolt Data Connect, you can reduce about 30% of your current truck rolls and about 50% of service costs. Try our free service cost savings calculator to see how much your organization could save in just months!

Because Bolt Data Connect helps reduce service response time, truck rolls, and costs, this allows service teams to work more efficiently, enabling new opportunities for profitability within your organization. 

Improved Asset Uptime

No matter the organization or industry, when an asset goes offline, this can cause a slew of issues for service teams, customers, and overall business operations. Ultimately, the data collected by Bolt Data Connect from your asset offers both valuable insights into your asset health and an ability to detect and prevent failure.

Bolt Data Connect’s algorithms can instantly discover any anomalies and take action accordingly to help repair and service assets as quickly as possible. In simple terms, this minimizes asset downtime by pinpointing an issue before it arises, and allows for more asset dependability.

The data collected from your assets can be found conveniently summarized within Bolt Data Connect, without flooding the Salesforce database with unneeded data.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that a key element of customer satisfaction is consistency. Your service delivery processes are no exception.

By constantly tracking asset health, providing remote and mobile access to data, and managing issues before they arise, we’re proud to transform your organization’s service delivery. Bolt Data Connect allows for maximized consistency through connected asset monitoring, improving both customer satisfaction and retention.

In turn, your customers are always able to receive the quality service that is expected.

Unlock the Power of Your Asset Data 

Are you ready to take your service organization to new heights? Bolt Data’s field service software will help you leverage the power of asset data, Salesforce, and IoT.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we have helped shape the field service industry by providing necessary, state-of-the-art data-driven solutions to empower your organization to operate with more efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how our data-driven asset monitoring solutions can heighten your business and maximize profitability.