Bolt Data and Spoke AIOT Merge Announcement

Bolt Data and Spoke AIOT Merge as Newly Rebranded Bolt Data

Consolidated products and services to provide customers with an advanced suite of one-stop Salesforce solutions.


Spoke AIOT and Bolt Data have announced the two sister companies have merged, under a newly recharged Bolt Data brand. Spoke’s technology was spun out of Bolt Data in 2019 to enable the team to focus on building a world-class IoT and AI solution that would enable service organizations and other industries like healthcare to capitalize on the growing digitization of machine data.

The newly merged company will provide customers with a more advanced suite of services and products, as a one-stop-solution for service organizations aiming to improve operational efficiency and support new business models for delivering service to their customers.

As part of the merge, the Spoke AIOT product portfolio has been consolidated and rebranded into a new software product offering, Bolt Data Connect.

“Our new offering, Bolt Data Connect, allows our customers to take advantage of the synergies between the product solution and our extensive services and accelerators portfolio, under a new and improved Bolt Data brand,” said Rob Meredith, CEO of Bolt Data. “We will be providing further details on our transition plans, but customers should not experience any impact on currently-deployed solutions.”

Enhanced Product Capabilities of Bolt Data Connect:

  • Integrated asset performance monitoring and failure detection in Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service
  • Automated service responses like work order creation, parts shipments and technician dispatches
  • Usage-based and predictive maintenance linked to sales and service contracts
  • Remote maintenance from call centers and centralized service operation centers
  • Facilitation of new servitization-based business models, on the leading edge of service delivery

“In this business, it’s not enough to know service industry best practices, or Salesforce products, or technology development or business transformation,” explained Allan Alexopulos, Managing Director of Bolt Data. “We need to know all of them, to ensure our customers will be successful, which is why we continue to expand and enhance our offerings at Bolt Data.”

A More Powerful, Combined Portfolio of Offerings:

  • Enterprise-grade portfolio of implementation, consulting and managed services: Bolt Data continues to help customers deploy Salesforce Service Cloud, Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360, to maximize their business benefits in the most complex asset-centric environments.
  • An ever-growing suite of Bolt Data Accelerators: Pre-built, proven-in-production service accelerators reduce customer risk when deploying commonly requested enhancements on the Salesforce platform.
  • Bolt Data Connect: An incomparable product solution for digitally enabled service delivery that lowers costs while improving service.

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