Information Technology

Connecting Sales and Service Amidst Rapid Growth

The Challenge

Lowry Solutions specializes in full-lifecycle traceability of customer assets, but their siloed systems left them with disparate data, and the need for manual research and entry created inefficient and time-consuming processes. As their products and services diversified, they knew streamlining and consolidating their internal processes would improve the customer experience.

The Solution

Bolt Data engaged with Lowry Solutions to create a comprehensive solution using Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360 including:

  • Sophisticated contract management and entitlement that accurately maps to how their customers buy and deploy their products
  • Asset lifecycle management that ensures products are managed properly with the use of advanced depot repair processes
  • Centralized customer contact center with streamlined dispatch and scheduling
  • Automated work order generation for preventative maintenance measures
Lowry Solutions

Information Technology & Supply Chain Logistics


Detroit, Michigan, USA



The Results

“Based on what we have seen during systems testing and training, we are confident that our goals for the project will be met,” said Sean Lowry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service. “We anticipate a 7% improvement in our contract attach rate and a 15% improvement in contract renewal rates within the first year. We expect to drive this result through automated notifications when customer contracts are about to expire and outbound campaigns to products not currently covered by a contract.”


improvement in contract attach rate


improvement in contract renewal rates within the first year

“Working with Bolt Data on the Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360 project has been a wonderful experience. They brought a deeply knowledgeable team that worked hard to understand our requirements and turn them into reality.”

Mark Muehlenbeck
Chief Financial Officer

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