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Public transportation companies provide environmentally sustainable transit options that link people, jobs, and community via convenient, comfortable and reliable services. Transportation managers, whether public, private, or commercial, face similar challenges in managing their assets. Their goals include increasing productivity and reliability, ensuring safety and compliance and reducing fuel and maintenance costs. They do this through services that focus on, but are not limited to, vehicle and equipment maintenance, fuel, mileage, speed management, licensing and compliance and driver safety. Access to real-time vehicle data greatly supports and enables these efforts. Connected vehicles and mobility services are arguably one of the most significant innovations to hit the transportation industry since the assembly line. There is a flurry of activity from OEMs and other manufacturers to add new technologies that promise big benefits in this space, such as saving on fuel and mileage, minimizing unplanned downtime, saving on insurance and maintenance, minimizing traffic violations, and increasing the safe operation of vehicles.


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