A Year in Review: Our Top 10 Moments of 2022

Another year is almost in the books and as we reflect, it’s incredible to see how much we’ve grown. 

From Dreamforce and webinars to road shows and everything in between, we appreciate the community and collaboration of our Salesforce Partners. 

With the experiences and growth from this past year as our foundation, we’re excited to build an even better future in 2023. 

But, before we look ahead, let’s look back at the top 10 moments of 2022. 


Bolt Data’s Top 10 Moments of 2022

1. Joining Forces with Spoke AIOT

In March of this year, we made the exciting announcement that we merged with our sister company Spoke AIOT to create our newly recharged Bolt Data brand. 

As a result of this merger, the Spoke AIOT product portfolio was consolidated and rebranded into our new software product offering, Bolt Data Connect

Now, we’re a one-stop solution for service organizations looking to improve operational efficiencies and support new business models for delivering service to their customers. 

Learn more about our merger. 


2. New Brand, New Website

This year, a common theme for Bolt Data was growth. To supplement our growth while sticking to our core values and mission to give our customers' data the power to speak, we rebranded with a fresh look thanks to Mark Omlor.

Mark’s branding and logo worked perfectly with Nathan Currin’s modern and clean website design. With a refreshed look and reinvigorated website, we put ourselves in an even better position to create and capitalize on new opportunities to market our company and our offerings. 



3. The Creation of Bolt Data Better Together

Bolt Data at Feeding Tampa Bay

In April, with a shared belief that by coming together, we can achieve incredible results, a group of employees joined forces to create Bolt Data Better Together. The goal of this employee-led initiative is to improve the lives of our employees and the communities in which they reside. 

The committee's first initiative was a fundraiser and volunteer event in support of Feeding America and Feeding Tampa Bay. 

Read on to learn more. 


4. Countless Speaking Opportunities 

In-person events were back and this year, we had the opportunity to attend and speak at Field Service USA in Palm Springs and Field Service East in Hilton Head.

Both events were a success and our team at Bolt Data was able to meet and get to know many of our peers in the field service space. 

At Field Service USA, the largest field service conference in the country, Rob Meredith, our CEO, hosted a breakout session to share insights on the topic of connected field service.

Likewise, at Field Service East, one of the largest field service industry conferences with over 1,000 attendees and dozens of exhibitors, Rob hosted another breakout session. This time, he spoke about the topic of leveraging IoT and asset data to make tangible breakthrough impacts in field service. 

Rob Meredith Presents at Field Service East


5. Attending Dreamforce

After two years, Dreamforce was back in action and our team was ecstatic to attend the annual conference to celebrate all things Salesforce as well as network with our fellow trailblazers. 

A highlight from this year’s Dreamforce was the Field Service Breakfast. But, it wasn’t because of the food. It was because Rob had the chance to present during the session. During his presentation, Rob talked about our company’s expertise in field service as an implementation partner and showcased the capabilities of Bolt Data Connect - a connected field service software for Salesforce. 

The excitement didn’t stop there. At this year’s event, we conducted Bolt Data Connect Demos On-the-Go for attendees. Thanks to remote connectivity and mobile device compatibility, we helped attendees experience Bolt Data Connect as if they were service technicians in the field. 

During the demo, they could see asset data live streams, generate work orders, view real-time asset statuses, and more, all from their mobile device. 

Read on to learn about our time at Dreamforce. 


6. Winning Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam

What’s better than attending Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam? How about winning Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam! That’s exactly what we did at this year’s game show-style event where app partners demonstrate their most compelling app in a three-minute live broadcast. 

Frank VanLoon, our Chief Technology Officer demonstrated Bolt Data Connect on the Salesforce platform and showcased how Bolt Data Connect can visualize asset data, automate work orders, and monitor assets in real-time. 

Check out our blog to learn more about the event and the simulation Frank shared to bring Bolt Data Connect to life. 


7. A Year of Growth

Bolt Data Employees

A lot happens over the course of the year and we’re proud to share our team has grown by almost 50 percent in 2022. Now, we have team members across 20 states in the United States and Canada. Not to mention, these team members have collectively earned more than 150 technical certificates. 

As our team continues to grow, we remain focused on partnering with Salesforce to build remarkable service organizations around the globe.


8. Bolt Data Better Together’s Virtual Toy Drive Benefitting Toys for Tots

This holiday season, the Bolt Data Better Together committee came together in support of Toys for Tots by hosting a virtual toy drive. Morena Kubat, a Better Together committee member, along with other team members in the Atlanta, GA area, delivered the donations to the local collection warehouse. 

Learn more about Bolt Data Better Together's holiday give back efforts here.


9. Salesforce 60 Second Solution Video Collaboration

"How can you increase profitability using IoT data?" That’s the question we answered in an episode of Salesforce’s “60 Seconds With…” series. 

In the video that’s gotten almost 400,000 views in three months, we shared four actionable steps companies can take to increase their profitability using IoT data. 

Watch now to find out what they are. 


10. Two Valuable Partnerships

This year, our partnerships were a driving force in our ability to connect with our target audience and grow our brand awareness in the industry.  

In October, we proudly hosted a Connected Field Service Webinar with Prontoforms. In this webinar, we covered topics such as:

  • What’s happening in the field service industry?
  • What is connected service?
  • Why does connected service matter?
  • How does connected service work?
  • And much more

In addition to valuable opportunities to share our knowledge, we also executed strategic partnership growth to better serve our customers. 

And, our partnership with Kelley Austin is a testament to that. Through this partnership, both of our companies are now able to  provide supplemental support to help transform our customers’ operations with Salesforce. You can read more about how this benefits our customers, here



As the New Year quickly approaches, we’re looking forward to building on this momentum in 2023 and beyond. 

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organization with connected field service on Salesforce.