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Streamlining Mark Andy’s Complex Service Quoting with Bolt Data’s Quoting Accelerator

About Mark Andy Inc.

Mark Andy Inc. is a renowned pioneer in the printing industry, specializing in the manufacturing of narrow- and mid-web printing and finishing equipment. They supply leading global brands with their innovative Mark Andy and Presstek presses, along with Rotoflex finishing solutions and a comprehensive range of Mark Andy Print Products consumables and pressroom supplies.

The Challenge

As a global manufacturer of sophisticated commercial printers capable of producing specialized labels for packaging and bottles, Mark Andy offers modular printers that can be configured to meet each customer's specific printing needs. Mark Andy, which has been in operation for more than 75 years, maintains an installed base of thousands of assets located in many countries across the globe. When Mark Andy migrated from ServiceMax to Salesforce, they faced the challenge of enabling quoting for their international service team within Salesforce, a process previously managed in ServiceMax. They required a streamlined quoting solution tailored for their international oce support personnel to efficiently produce and present service estimates to customers for a variety of assets in multiple currencies.

The complexity of Mark Andy’s service contracts presented an additional hurdle. Their service contracts to customers include discounts based on the service plan selected for parts and services. Service Labor Rates on quotes also needed to be variable to distinguish between labor type (service, travel, weekend service, etc.), region of the world, and currency. Lastly, Service Quotes might apply to just one asset or multiple assets at the customer’s facility. Addressing this unique requirement was not readily available through out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality.

The Solution

To tackle Mark Andy's quoting challenges, Bolt Data implemented their prebuilt Quoting Accelerator for Salesforce. Within a matter of weeks, the Quoting Accelerator was fully integrated into Mark Andy’s Service Cloud environment and accessible on desktop or mobile, allowing other support personnel to generate quotes and obtain customer signatures.

Now, Mark Andy's personnel can quickly and accurately generate quotes for customers from anywhere. Placed conveniently alongside Work Orders in Service Cloud, the Quoting Accelerator calculates the service costs based on the parts and labor specified in the Work Order.

Additionally, Bolt Data also implemented Service Entitlement and Pricing Accelerators that feed into the quoting process, improving data accuracy. These additional accelerators help to keep track of free or discounted parts offered to customers under their service contract, making the entire quoting process more efficient and streamlined.

Lastly, Bolt Data implemented a Price Book solution, enabling variable pricing. Mark Andy can assign product codes for various categories, such as Standard Service Labor, Standard Travel, Weekend Labor, Weekend Travel, Overtime Labor and more. Rates can also be variable by region and currency. Price Books allow Mark Andy to easily update the pricing table to accommodate annual rate changes.


Machinery Manufacturing


400 Employees


Chestereld, Missouri, United States

The Results

With the fully functional Quoting capability now live in their Salesforce org, Mark Andy's office support personnel immediately began generating quotes for international customers. They’re able to effortlessly create work orders, add required parts and labor and promptly generate quotes for customer approval. The customer-signed quote serves as proof that the service was approved which ensures timely payment for completed work.

Additionally, quote details are shared with Mark Andy's sales and service teams which allows them to track customer declined work, quoted price history and unresolved repairs, fostering improved decision-making and customer service.

Bolt Data oers a production-deployed Salesforce Quoting Accelerator, a ready-to-use solution designed for customers such as Mark Andy who seek streamlined quoting for Service Cloud. By leveraging the customer's product data, price books and service contracts, Bolt Data can swiftly deploy the Quoting Accelerator within a few weeks and customize it to align precisely with the client's unique needs. Moreover, Bolt Data has the capability to augment the quoting process even further by seamlessly integrating external systems like Sales Opportunities in Salesforce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms.

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