High Tech Manufacturing

From Coffee Grounds to a Ground-Up Service Process Overhaul

The Challenge

The demand for Bellwether’s unique coffee roaster rapidly grew, and they found themselves in need of a platform with tools to structure, streamline and measure service operations. Their must-haves included increasing customer service functionality, improving inventory management and adding technician scheduling tools and capabilities to share and schedule with service partner technicians in a mobile-friendly community.

The Solution

Bolt Data engaged with Bellwether Coffee as an exclusive, trusted field service consultant and crafted transformative solutions such as:

Highlights include:

  • Established a case console with all necessary information at an agent’s fingertips
  • Implemented Knowledge, improving customer service interactions by supplying relevant help articles
  • Moved from spreadsheets to smart asset tracking with components, allowing for unique identifiers to live in the system
  • Made all data readily available and organized, leading to new functionality for past orders and returns, service contracts and detailed reporting
Bellwether Coffee

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Berkeley, California, United States


The Results

With Bolt Data’s implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service, there’s a single source of truth for customer data across Bellwether’s organization. Agents have access to a comprehensive view of customer profiles, a single source of truth for customer data and all of the field service functions needed to continue to scale with future success.

  • 100% data automation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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