Bolt Data Recognized as IoT Solution Provider in Gartner’s Market Guide for Field Service Management

Bolt Data, a leading provider of innovative IoT solutions, was recently recognized as the IoT solution provider for Salesforce and PTC in Gartner’s Market Guide for Field Service Management. The report provides insights into the evolving landscape of field service management (FSM) with a specific focus on emerging technologies and use cases, particularly within the realm of IoT (Internet of Things).

The report spotlights Bolt Data’s IoT asset data monitoring application, Bolt Data Connect, as the designated IoT solution provider for FSM leaders, Salesforce and PTC. 

Bolt Data Connect makes real-time asset monitoring possible on Salesforce. As a connected field service solution, it improves user experience by streamlining and automating service responses.

Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) is identified as a transformative force in the field service future, with field service providers (FSPs) successfully deploying AI-powered solutions. Bolt Data Connect inputs asset data into AI models such as Salesforce’s Data Cloud and Einstein platforms. This integration enables functions such as optimization, scheduling, predictive maintenance and Asset-as-a-Service.

Bolt Data Frank VanLoon
Frank VanLoon, Chief Technology Officer

“We have over a decade of experience in FSM solutions, which helped us develop Bolt Data Connect so that it compliments the solution and adds real business value to the  FSPs,” said Frank VanLoon, Chief Technology Officer at Bolt Data. “Before Bolt Data Connect, FSPs couldn’t easily monitor their devices and relied on dispatching technicians to inspect them manually. It was a reactive service model, not a proactive one. But, with Bolt Data Connect, FSPs can proactively monitor their assets and enhance their overall business operations.”

Key features of Bolt Data Connect include:

  • Real-time Asset Data Monitoring: Provides a seamless, real-time monitoring solution for asset data, offering critical performance insights of connected devices.
  • Servitization and New Revenue Streams: Organizations can bill customers based on live asset usage which creates new revenue streams.
  • Seamless Data Flow Design: Bolt Data Connect is native to Salesforce and designed to communicate with other applications in the Salesforce ecosystem, such as ServiceMax objects. It allows for seamlessly handling time series data from assets without coding. 
  • Remote Access and Control: FSPs and equipment manufacturers gain real-time, remote access to all assets, enabling them to monitor performance without the need for on-site technician dispatch, avoiding costly truck rolls.
  • Visual Twins: In the latest release of Bolt Data Connect, the focus has been on enhancing data visualizations with Visual Twins. Users can upload images of assets, annotate sensors, and generate a lifelike representation of the asset, complete with real-time sensor values and timeline snapshots.

The Market Guide for Field Service Management by Gartner highlights the pivotal role of IoT in asset-centric organizations and showcases the broader trend towards connected field service and outcome-based contracts. 

“It’s great to see all of our hard work, experience, and commitment to driving innovation in the FSM market come to light with Bolt Data Connect earning the recognition as the IoT solution provider,” added VanLoon. 


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