Service solutions keep energy and utility companies nimble.

Bolt Data Utilities Industry

Rapidly Evolving

With renewable energy and smart home technology on the rise, utility providers are servicing an increasingly diverse market. The goal is to increase service efficiency and safety to meet consistently growing demand. Agile, digital, tailored service solutions can help energy and utility companies remain nimble.

The energy and utilities industry is on the cusp of the next big frontier, with the evolution of the transmission and distribution grid and the emergence of the electric power system as a true contender in the future of power delivery. How legacy energy and utilities systems will run alongside new innovations is a hurdle today’s providers must learn to understand and take action to ensure a smooth integration. The growth of solar and non-hydro renewable energy resources are expected to increase steadily over the next few decades, and in order to remain operationally sound and in alignment with societal desires, the industry must be ready to evolve technologically.


Service Challenges for Utilities Companies

Auto-Detecting Power Outages

Dispatching Technicians to Restore Service

Predicting Transformer Failures

Pinpointing Pressurized Main Leaks to Reduce Repair Time

Confirming a Lockout/Tagout Before Proceeding with Service

Bolt Data Solutions for Utility Companies

Remote Monitoring & Alerts

Analytics & Predictive Maintenance

Improved Service Outcomes

Service Process Automation

Asset Management

Technician Safety



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