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Mission critical heavy machinery relies on field service to get the job done.

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Heavy machinery equipment is found in industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, cranes/rigging, seel, utilities, oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, aviation and much more. Each of these industries provides mission critical services that depend on heavy equipment. If any one of these assets are not working, significant financial impacts will result at staggering amounts each hour. These accumulated impacts can be felt downstream with multiple parties affected. Heavy machinery, while durable, is often exposed to extreme conditions. To continue to design for industry needs, the manufacturers of the heavy equipment need to be informed of all the operating conditions and scenarios of exposure. However, it can be a challenge to obtain the real-time and relevant data because of the remote and extreme conditions. Manufacturers and operators need smarter and ruggedized digital solutions to ensure machine reliability and performance while reducing maintenance costs.

That's why heavy machinery manufacturers partner with Bolt Data to connect their field-based capital assets to their Service Management solutions to improve asset reliability, enhance Call Center support, and reduce service costs.


Service Challenges in Heavy Machinery

Obtaining Real-Time Data in Remote, Extreme Conditions

Ensuring Machine Reliability and Performance while Reducing Maintenance Costs

Validating Machinery and Equipment Service Uptime

Machinery and Equipment Location Tracking

Predicting Machinery Failure or Maintenance

Bolt Data Solutions for Heavy Machinery

Remote Connectivity


Enhanced Call Center Support

Remote Monitoring & Alerts

Analytics & Predictive Maintenace

Service Automation



Today, heavy equipment manufacturers and their customers rely on improved asset uptime/reliability seeking smart and unified solutions that can improve asset uptime, improved call center effectiveness reduce total ownership costs, comply with regulatory requirements, reduced service costs, protect the environment and ensure safety. Bolt Data can help reduce service response time manufacturers connect, analyze and act on equipment data, delivering improved First Time Fix (FTF).

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