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What is Bolt Data ?

Bolt Data Connect is a cloud-based platform that provides real-time actionable data from IoT-connected assets to field service operation and IT teams.

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Actionable Asset Data for

Bolt Data Connect puts asset data in the hands of your entire field service organization. From field technicians to call center agents and CIOs, everyone has full visibility and access to important asset data. Empower your field service operations teams to make asset maintenance and business decisions in real-time.

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Field Technicians

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Third Party Contractors

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Call Center Support

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IT & Innovation Leaders

Improve Your Customer

With our asset data management platform, you can delight your customers like never before. Now, you can use predictive maintenance to detect when their asset is going to fail, before it even does. If an asset does fail and requires maintenance, our platform automates the work order process and recommends the right repair technician for the job with parts on hand.

IoT Live Stream Data

Use Asset Data to Make Service


Control and Visibility

Total Control Over Your Asset Data
  • You control access to your own data
  • Empower anyone within your organization to make asset maintenance and business decisions in real-time
  • Plan, automate, and iterate your asset management processes with actionable data
  • Systematically collect data on processes to operationalize business decisions and resolutions
  • Interactive platform that gives you immediate feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of your dataset

Scalable and Flexible

Asset Management That Scales at the Speed of Your Business
  • Built for Field Service, but can be implemented across multiple Industries 
  • Vast possibilities for IoT Use Cases 
  • Ability to connect high-quantity assets across multiple types On-Demand cloud computing for data storage and access (AWS)


Performance and Maintenance Based on Data
  • Directly places the end-user within the process of asset management
  • Programmatically capture and automate business processes based on output data
  • Proactively provide real-time data and feedback to improve the maintenance, efficiency and usage of assets
  • Predictive Maintenance to catch asset failures in advance
  • Ability to monetize based on data (servitization)


Asset Management Designed Your Way
  • Tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business
  • Freedom to use any cloud architecture type
  • Modular by design (App, Cloud, Gateway)

Features Designed for

Bolt Data Connect App

Bolt Data Connect App

  • Simple Asset Registration
  • Instant Asset Visibility
  • Digital Twin Visualizations
  • Sensor Data Reporting
  • Asset Data Live Stream
  • Remote Asset Commands
Bolt Data Connect IoT Cloud

Bolt Data IoT Cloud

  • IoT Cloud Database
  • Autonomous Anomaly Detections
  • Service Rules Hosting
  • Intelligent Gateway Agent
  • Failure Prediction
Bolt Data Connect Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway

  • Edge Gateway Hardware
  • Edge Industrial IO Thing
  • Offline Monitoring
  • Scalable Enterprise Capabilities

Our Platform Solves Complex Field Service Challenges


Business process logic can be codified to automatically drive a process flow to take an action. Common logic that can be automated includes fault codes, threshold values, usage levels. They trigger actions such as creating work orders, dispatching agents, generating invoices and much more.


With features like Service Alert Response, your organization can be proactive with asset support and service with automated service alerts. Improve your service efficiency and errors by eliminating manual and back office steps.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Asset data is available to everyone which improves communications between customers, service providers, third party vendors and OEMs. By providing everyone with asset data, it improves your overall net promoter score (NPS) and vendor experience.


Edge Gateway hardware enables internet connectivity and offline processing even during outages. This drives business continuity and resiliency to perform online or offline.

Reducing Asset Downtime

Automated service alerts and asset monitoring increase your asset's uptime by visualizing asset conditions and dispatching service agents when and where they're needed. 

Reducing IT Costs

Sensor data can be used with any Salesforce object which eliminates IT integration costs and the need for custom code or heavy configurations.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

With a 360-degree view of realtime asset data, your organization can improve asset compliance and quality controls due to early failure modalities.

Creating New Revenue Opportunities

Identify new revenue opportunities for your business teams to sell asset uptime or usage with accurate sensor data displayed in graphs, reports and dashboards.  

The Future of Field Service is


of executives say AI & IoT-enabled operations are exceeding expectations


of industrial manufacturers plan to use IoT for predictive maintenance


of manufacturers’ complex equipment will execute IoT-enabled product Servitization strategies by 2025

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