Bolt Data Accelerators

Plug-and-Play Options to enhance the effectiveness of your Salesforce & ServiceMax Solution


with Bolt Data Accelerators

The field service industry has unique needs and requirements that aren’t covered by out-of-the-box solutions. Bolt Data Accelerators are crafted as plug-and-play options to boost the effectiveness of your Salesforce and ServiceMax solution.

Common Field Service Challenges with Our Accelerators

  • Streamline the entire contractor management lifecycle
  • Assign jobs to the most qualified contractor at the lowest price
  • Increase contractor and customer invoice correlation and accuracy
  • Track valuable equipment and maintain visibility
  • Decrease costs by automating manual processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast and accurate warranty and entitlement pricing
  • Improve customer continuity by ensuring contract quotes match sales messaging and positioning
  • Reduce warranty leakage

Our Bolt Data

Bolt Data Accelerators Entitlement Pricing and Profitability

Entitlement Pricing & Profitability

Models complex warranty and contract entitlements, rules-based discounts for parts and labor and enabling profitability analysis and leakage

Bolt Data Accelerators Depot Repair

Depot Repair

Streamlines product return and triage. Configurable workflow by product/family line, integrated entitlement, pricing and costing

Bolt Data Accelerators Third Party Contractors

3rd Party Contractor

Community-based partner onboarding, bid management, SLA adherence, performance scoring and invoice management

Bolt Data Accelerators Checklists


Define, fill out and attach checklist to any object via Lightning component & attach as PDF – browser only

Bolt Data Accelerators Geo Coding and Time Zones

Geo Coding & Time Zones

Auto-populates latitude/longitude and time zones via Google API. Displays local time where appropriate. “Local time technician arrived on-site”

Bolt Data Accelerators Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator

Generate barcode for Salesforce products. Eliminates manual product number entry as part of the inventory management process.

Bolt Data Accelerators Platform Event Log

Platform Event Log

Records full JSON of platform events sent and received from Salesforce

Bolt Data Accelerators Enhanced Inventory

Enhanced Inventory Management

Manage allocated stock and automatic parts replenishment

Bolt Data Accelerators Bolt Actions

Bolt Actions

FLOW-based enhanced workflow, including related objects, related data lookup/filtering, no-code expression engine via Lightning components

Bolt Data Accelerators Admin Tools

Admin Tools

Org. documentation tool exports metadata across all installed packages. Build migration tool automates ANT library creation, including date range and user-based incremental build support

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