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Bolt Data is a premier consulting partner of ServiceMax, the global market leader in service execution management. The ServiceMax product is robust enough to meet any field service challenge and handle any demand. With the expertise we provide and the power of tailored solutions, we distill ServiceMax into a solution that fits precisely what you need.

Field Service Process Consulting

We understand the relationship between field services and technology; harnessing industry insights, best practices, emerging trends and technology innovations to tackle the most complex business issues. Our experiences, along with your passion for both business and consumer value, can transform your service organization.

Solution Implementation

We specialize in leading field service process transformations, delivering tailored field service solutions, and seamlessly integrating technologies; all intended to optimize our clients’ field service capabilities. We bring together certified, experienced professionals and a proven methodology to successfully deliver the most complex project goals. Through efficient planning, we are able to better manage projects and help ensure successful business outcomes. To support the implementation of new field service solutions, Bolt Data offers the following skill sets: project management, process architecture, solution architecture, technical architecture, configuration management, custom development, systems integration, quality assurance/testing, curriculum development and training.

Solution Support

With every project, Bolt Data provides ongoing virtual assistance to ensure efficient and effective support for all of your business solutions. You’re provided fast and easy access to certified and experienced specialists upon request; mitigating operational risks, enabling innovative capabilities and minimizing solution costs. We understand customer success is not achieved when a process is defined, or a system goes live, but rather when organizations adopt transformational solutions and true business benefits are realized. All of our services and support are intended to help you achieve those goals.

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