Salesforce Announces “Bring Your Own Telephony”

It’s here: your choice with voice! When Salesforce originally launched their new telephony product, Service Cloud Voice, it was fully integrated, customizable and future proof. Until now, the main limitation users faced was that Amazon Connect was the only telephony provider option. On June 15th, Salesforce released the highly-anticipated Bring Your Own Telephony (BYOT) for Service Cloud Voice which allows you to bring your current telephony provider such as Five9 and Vonage.

BYOT Will Empower Your Contact Centers

Service Cloud Voice empowers your agents with the tools they need to provide customers with a personalized, seamless experience:

  • Native integration for the best possibly Omni-Channel routing and supervisor visibility (view and balance all agent work, from all communication channels)
  • Real time transcription and more modern features, for more efficient tools and productivity, improving agent training and handling increased volume
  • A complete Customer 360 view, enabling all teams to provide the best possibly customer experience, improving KPIs like First Contact Resolution and CSAT while connecting all service channels and data

Previously Service Cloud Voice came with Amazon Connect, but now that you can choose from other telephony providers, you can find the solutions that works best for your team!

Who Can Take Advantage of BYOT

If your organization wants to be more integrated with omni-channel routing, Bring Your Own Telephony will help bridge the gap between your preferred telephony provider and Salesforce. Now you can keep your current telephony provider but utilize the incredible capabilities of Service Cloud Voice.

Capabilities of BYOT

The goal of BYOT is that telephony providers will be offering a contact center solution utilizing their telephony platform that works in a way similar to how Amazon Connect currently powers Service Cloud Voice. In every aspect, the objective is for the Service Cloud Voice product to be as integrated and as native as possible, whether a customer uses BYOT or Amazon Connect.