Bolt Data Connect Summer ’22 Release

Bolt Data Connect’s latest release doubles down on servitization, adding lots of new functionality including Tiered & Advanced Pricing Policies, Embedded Pricing, Negative Usage Handling and more. We also added Automated Alert Handling, to allow the admins to easily configure how the system responds to the IoT Alerts with clicks-not-code!

If you have any questions or would like to submit a feature request, send us a message! Existing Bolt Data Connect customers can access the support portal by logging in.


New Features with Summer ’22 Release

Servitization 2.0

The Servitization engine has been enhanced with several new features including: 

  • Negative Usage Handling 
  • Pricing Policies & Tiered Pricing 
  • Reconciliation Counts 
  • Uptime Alert Types 
  • Embedded Pricing
Servitization 2.0 Enhancements

Alert Response

Alert Response handling is a clicks-not-code solution to handling the IoT Alerts received from the IoT Cloud. You can auto-create any response Object (Case, Work Order, Lead, etc.) in response to an IoT Alert, and customize how different Thing Types and/or Alert Types are handled. In addition, you can configure Thing (Asset) updates, auto created related child records, auto-create IoT Data Snapshots and exit condition updates (e.g. Cancel Work Order, Close Case, etc).

Alert Response


Alert Condition – Impacts Uptime

New setting on Alert Conditions that allow the admin to specify if the Alert Type will impact Uptime calculations for “Downtime Periods” and “Servitization”.


Digital Twin API

REST Web Service allowing integrations or custom code to easily retrieve the latest Digital Twin data.