Bolt Data Connect Features

Bolt Data Connect Features

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Product Configurations

Bolt Data Connect is available in three configurations: Lite, Core and Plus. This ensures compatibility with existing configurations and hardware and allows enterprise scalability.


Bolt Data Connect Application

The essential features every connected field service solution needs. Includes an on-premise or cloud database along with a rules engine for processing and analytics through Bolt Data Connect on Salesforce.

Features Lite Configuration Core Configuration Plus Configuration
IoT Command Center
Service Alert Response (AI)
Asset Monetization (Servitization)
Mobile Extensibility
Customer and Partner Community Experience
IoT Admin Console*
IoT Data Visualization*
IoT Alerts and Alert History*
Asset Registration*
IoT Snapshots and Data Extracts*
Remote Asset Command*

* Dependent upon third party IoT cloud capabilities.


Cloud Processing and Analytics

With the addition of Cloud Processing and Analytics, Bolt Data Connect allows even faster business decision making and service response. Includes an on-premise or cloud database which is capable of receiving and storing real-time asset data.

Features Lite Configuration Core Configuration Plus Configuration
IoT Data Lake -
Asset Data Livestream -
IoT Rules Engine (Monitoring and Anomoly Detection) -
Business Data Context Engine -
Downtime and Offline Alerts -
Asset Simulators -
Digital Twins -
Gateway Integrations Editor -
IoT Cloud Logging -


Edge Connectivity

With Bolt Data Connect hardware options and cutting-edge connectivity solutions, you can seamlessly gather real-time data from unsensorized or older assets. Collect data reliably regardless of an asset's location or connectivity status.

Features Lite Configuration Core Configuration Plus Configuration
Smart Gateway Connection - -
Edge Processing and Offline Processing - -
Edge Gateway Hardware - -

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