Field Service Process Consulting

How much of a multi-billion dollar industry is your Service organization leaving on the table? 

The Field Service industry is evolving quickly. And Field Service leaders are rapidly finding themselves in a strategic position to drive company performance. It is no secret that Field Service is a multi-billion dollar industry and CEOs are looking to their Service organizations to create new value.

In commoditized markets, companies have an opportunity to differentiate themselves with Service. Field Service Leaders that recognize the emerging opportunities and drive transformational changes will create a distinct and competitive advantage in the market. Beyond the clear value created through reducing operating costs, companies are creating new revenue streams by exploiting the untapped potential of their Service teams. Technicians who are given the tools to succeed will reward their Employers with improved job outcomes and morale. And customer that receive excellent service will reward companies with loyalty (a.k.a., sustained revenue streams).


Companies are connecting the dots between improved services, customer satisfaction, and company profitability. As a result, a new language for Service Performance has emerged and has placed a laser focus on metrics such as:
• Increased Service Revenue
• Reduced Cost of Service Delivery
• Improved Customer Satisfaction
• Improved Workforce Productivity and Utilization
• Improved First-Time Fix Rates

Bolt Data understands the relationship between Field Services and Technology; harnessing industry insights, best practices, emerging trends, and technology innovations to tackle the most complex business issues. Our experiences, along with your passion for both business and consumer value, can transform your Service organization. Now is the time to leverage the untapped potential of your Service team. Bolt Data can help you create new value and differentiate your brand in the market.

Solution Delivery

How will you turn your strategies into realities? 

Changing the way we do business is never easy. Companies appoint their best and brightest to deliver their most important strategic initiatives because they know driving change requires genuine leadership, unique skill sets, and an unwavering dedication to success.  Too frequently, however, the realities of business require companies to mobilize projects which are not well positioned for success.  Whether it be competing priorities or the simple case of “You don’t know what you don’t know”, companies risk losing the benefits they are trying to attain. With business success on the line, having an experienced, disciplined, and qualified implementation team can make all the difference in the world.  

Bolt Data specializes in leading Field Service process transformations, delivering tailored Field Service solutions, and seamlessly integrating technologies; all intended to optimize our clients’ Field Service capabilities. We bring together certified, experienced professionals and a proven methodology to successfully deliver the most complex project goals.

Bolt Data has developed a solution implementation methodology called ‘Beacon’. Based on the learning gained from years of implementing Field Service solutions, our process allows clients to position projects for success before they begin. Beacon emphasizes activity planning, clarity of accountabilities, and efficient delivery methods. Through better planning and efficient methods, we are able to better manage projects and help ensure successful business outcomes. 

To support the implementation of new Field Service solutions, Bolt Data offers the following skill sets:

  • Project Management
  • Process Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Configuration Management
  • Custom Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Quality Assurance/Testing
  • Curriculum Development and Training

We all know that you cannot simply cross your fingers and hope for the best when it comes to delivering business change.  Instead, the success of a project rests on the strengths of the project team.  To confidently deliver change, you need experienced professionals to lead the way.  And it’s likely that a combination of internal and external resources is the right recipe for change. 

Solution Support

When solutions are in the cloud, who needs support?  The answer is everyone! 

Whether you’ve just gone live or have been running in steady state for some time, every software solution needs ongoing support.  System administration, version upgrades, issue management, capability enhancements, data management, and new user training are just a few of the ongoing support challenges that a system owners frequently need to address. 

Without ongoing support, you may be risking more than you know.  Failure to support a software solution inevitably results in unplanned business disruptions; reducing resource productivity and eroding business confidence in the solution.  But too frequently, disruptions also result in lost revenue, lost regulatory compliance, and eroded brand reputation in the market.  The alternatives are to either staff an internal team of specialized technology resources or to find a trusted partner that can effectively support you just in time… every time.  Bolt Data can be that trusted partner for you.

The Bolt Data ‘Customer Support Center’ (CSC) is a virtual support team for companies looking to ensure efficient and effective support for their business solutions.  The Bolt Data CSC provides fast and easy access to certified and experienced specialist upon request; mitigating operational risks, enabling innovative capabilities, and minimizing solution costs.  Depending on your needs, the Bolt Data CSC has a plan for you.

Bolt Data understands that customer success is not achieved when a process is defined or when a system goes live.  Instead, customer success is achieved when people adopt transformational solutions and true business benefits are realized.  The Bolt Data CSC provides game-changing services intended to help our clients achieve their goals.