boltOn Packaged Applications

What’s stopping you from getting the most from your Field Service solution?

We’ve gone on record saying that Salesforce and ServiceMax
are the best software solutions on the market for Field Service Management… but no software package is designed to be “everything for everyone”.  So how are you supposed to take the next step in optimizing your business processes?

Bolt Data elevates Salesforce and ServiceMax to new heights with our innovative ‘boltOns’. boltOns are packaged apps that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and ServiceMax solutions to deliver additional capabilities in support of Field Service Management, Inventory & Logistics, Finance Management, and general data quality. It’s kinda like Christmas for your Salesforce or ServiceMax solution.

Here are a few boltOns to pique your interest:
– Service Case Automation & Management
– Counter-based Preventative Maintenance
– Advanced Inventory Management
– Vendor Management
– 3rd Party Work Order Accelerator
– SLA Engine
– Barcode and Product Catalog Creator
– Multi-region Time Zone Converter
– Common Parts Identifier (a.k.a., “B.O.M. Buddy”)
– Automatic Parts Ordering
– Partner and Customer Community Accelerator
– Net Promoter Score (Auto-survey & Reports)