ServiceMax Upgrade

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ServiceMax has been busy the last few releases introducing new features and making some major improvements to key elements of the system.  If you’ve been falling behind in your upgrades, it’s a good time to take a look and see what you’ve been missing.

If the version you’re using is older than Summer 15, we would strongly recommend getting up to date.  ServiceMax isn’t supporting migrations between environments when the version is older than Spring 15, so using sandboxes gets much more time intensive quickly.

If you’re not sure where to start, our CSC service can help set up a sandbox, get upgrades going, implement new features, and assist in the production rollout.

Here are some of the more significant features that are now available:


– Totally redesigned visual with larger text and buttons

– Huge improvements in the initial load time

– Map can now display both the technician home base and current location, along with Work Orders, Accounts, and Locations


– New objects to track Technician time

– Time entries populates automatically from labor entries on Work Orders

– Additional entries can be made for non-Work Order time

– Separate objects allow for better utilization reporting


– Automatically attached predefined checklists to Work Orders for Technicians to complete, depending on Work Order criteria you set

– Checklists questions include 8 different types, and allows for text longer than what standard Salesforce functionality allows with field labels


– A whole new interface for interacting with your installed base

– View Account, Location, and the entire Installed Product hierarchy from a single view, with easier-than-ever options to create, clone, and edit records


– Enable push notifications to mobile devices (similar to a text message notification)

– Create custom criteria to trigger notifications

– Notifications can be used instead of, or in addition to, emails sent to Technicians to notify them of new work orders. Are your technicians tired of tons of emails they just delete? Go with push notifications.

ServiceMax is making sure they stay ahead of the competition with their product offering, as is evident from what they’ve introduced in just the last year. We’re excited for our clients to get using these, as well as looking forward to what ServiceMax will be doing next!


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