Client Success: Global Field Service Solution Deployment

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“Make us easier to work with… and connect our Customer Service Reps, Field Engineers, and Clients.”Customer Solution Manager, Global Manufacturing

As advanced as their engineering technology is, the software running this manufacturing company’s Field Service organization was the opposite. Numerous issues with their existing solution unfortunately hampered even some of the most basic processes necessary for operation.

Their legacy system was weighed down with years’ worth of extensive customization that had rendered it complicated and cumbersome, yet still wasn’t capturing the information they needed.

Technicians had no access to the system, and management had no way to see technician activity in real time. Communication of scheduling had been delegated to a shared calendar and Excel files.

Work orders weren’t being closed in a timely manner, the breakdown in communication was delaying the billing process. Additionally, technicians had been performing service before billing authorizations were in place, causing further disruption to the invoicing. <br>

After an extensive, months-long evaluation process, a cloud-based field service software was selected. Bolt Data was brought in as part of the implementation team with a project timeline of 15 weeks. The service group was losing the support staff for their legacy system, so the deadline was critical to their operation.

The solution we implemented encompassed:
• Service contract management that is able to accommodate a wide range of pricing structure formats
• Technician management with skill, certification, and equipment tracking capability
• Service scheduling using a visual, interactive dispatch console, where dispatchers and managers are able to schedule multiple technicians on a single work order over varying time periods
• Work Orders with processes for technicians to acknowledge work orders, and record site safety before initiating work, along with automatic notifications for managers when work orders are past due.
• Technicians can report potential sales opportunities to the office staff for follow-up
• Timekeeping capability so that work order related time is captured automatically, and time related to internal activities can be entered and tracked
• Using an included mobile app, technicians need only their iPhone to view and capture all data associated with their work, even when offline
• Custom reports that give instant visibility to real-time data for dispatchers, managers, and invoicing staff

The project was successfully delivered by the team exactly on time. Within days the difference was clear. Everyone involved in the service process now has a complete picture of the entire cycle.

In a period of less than three months, thousands of work orders were created and scheduled, allowing the client to view all planned work for their entire team and better plan for downtime, increasing technician utilization.

Previously, service contract pricing details were only captured on paper, which meant a manual lookup each time a work order was ready to be billed. Now, they capture contract details in the system, and built-in functionality prices work orders automatically as they are closed. Invoices are now generated within a day of work completion, dramatically decreasing their time to bill.

Besides realizing efficiencies, technicians were already reporting sales opportunities the first week the system was in place – something that hadn’t been happening with their old system.

The client is moving forward with plans to add new business units to the solution and they’ve reported that additional countries are eager to get onboard as well. By accepting the challenge of “Make us easier to work with” and implementing the right field service software solution, this company is experiencing value-adding among its customer service reps, field engineers, and clients.

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